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How To Keep Squirrels Away From Columbus Properties


How To Keep Squirrels Away From Columbus Properties

November 15, 2021 - Wildlife

a squirrel on a roof

Squirrels might seem harmless as they scamper around your neighborhood, but once these rodents infest your property, they can cause serious problems. From disease to destruction, squirrels can be downright dangerous to have living in your home or business. That’s why it’s essential that you know how to keep squirrels away from your Central Ohio property.

About Squirrels

There are at least five different types of squirrels living in the U.S., ranging in size and color but sharing many of the same characteristics. Squirrels typically grow to between 15 and 20 inches in size, plus another 6 to 9 inches for their distinct bushy tail. They are curious eaters and will munch on just about anything from seeds and nuts to insects and packaged foods. Squirrels like to nest in elevated locations like treetops but may be tempted to shack up in attics and loft spaces of vulnerable homes and businesses.

Most people don’t necessarily consider squirrels to be trouble. In fact, some folks will even hand feed their local squirrels! Because they are such playful, active, and fuzzy critters, it’s easy to conflate them with domesticated pets. While squirrels might be cuter than your average pest, make no mistake that squirrels are bad news for Central Ohio properties.

Why Squirrels Are Dangerous

Squirrels are small enough to squeeze their way into holes and gaps on your property but large enough to cause absolute mayhem once indoors. These rodents can be ridiculously noisy, loudly running, gnawing, scratching, and squeaking at all hours. If you’re unfortunate enough to live in a squirrel-infested property, these pests can deprive you of sleep and add a tremendous amount of stress to your life. 

But even worse than that, squirrels are known to spread disease and parasites. While they won’t intentionally attack you, contact with their droppings can cause salmonellosis and leptospirosis. Not to mention that these furry rodents can carry fleas and ticks, which can cause typhus and Lyme disease, respectively. 

Squirrels are highly destructive, too. As rodents, they have specialized incisor teeth that continue to grow throughout their life. In order to keep their teeth from growing too long, squirrels must constantly gnaw. This compulsive chewing can lead to destruction of paper, wood, plastic, and even brick materials. In some cases, squirrels have been known to chew through electric wires, resulting in catastrophic fire.

How To Prevent Squirrels

Living with squirrels on your property can be a nightmare, but squirrel prevention doesn’t have to be. There are a few simple things you can do to keep squirrels from infesting your home or business:

  • Trim branches – Make sure that no tree branches make contact with your property. Trim back any overhanging branches at least three feet away from any roofing or remove branches completely.

  • Seal entry points – Get a ladder and take a look around the upper floors of your home or business. Check for any openings and seal the damage by stuffing holes with steel wool and patching larger openings with metal lath.

  • Limit feeder access – True squirrel-proof bird feeders are hard to come by and even the most complicated birdfeeder contraptions can be solved by hungry squirrels. Keep squirrels off your property by removing birdfeeders entirely or only putting them out for a limited amount of time each day. 

If you’re experiencing squirrel troubles on your Central Ohio property, get in touch with the experts at Mandau’s Pest Solutions. We’ll safely remove any squirrels infesting your home or business and ensure that they don’t return. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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