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How Dangerous Are Raccoons In Columbus?


How Dangerous Are Raccoons In Columbus?

March 15, 2022 - Wildlife

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What is something you wonder about when you think about raccoons? Do you wonder how these furry bandits find their way into dumpsters? Do you wonder why they are naturally good at causing trouble? Many people wonder if these pests pose a threat around area properties. To help you better understand why raccoons are a serious problem here in Central Ohio, we will be sharing some raccoon facts today and explaining the best methods to control these pests.

Why Raccoons Are In Your Columbus Yard

There are many reasons why raccoons might be choosing your yard over other properties nearby. These pests are always on the lookout for opportunities to find food, water, and shelter. You probably already know this, but one of a raccoon’s favorite places to find a meal is inside a garbage can or dumpster. They might also eat things like dropped fruits, nuts, berries, garden plants, leftover cookout food, pet food, and other tasty treats they can find. As for water, raccoons drink out of puddles, leaky fixtures, ponds, birdbaths, and any other water source they can find. Finally, raccoons find shelter inside outbuildings, clutter, debris, under porches, and in other secluded areas. If your property provides raccoons with any of these three necessities, they may want to stick around.

What Happens If Raccoons Invade Your Columbus Home?

Raccoons are among the most problematic wildlife pests in our area, this is partly because of their ability to get into places they don’t belong. The most obvious problems raccoons cause are tipping over trash cans and tearing up garbage bags, and damaging property to get under porches and into outbuildings. What residents do not think about is the many dangers raccoons pose. To start, some raccoons carry rabies. You can contract rabies from a raccoon from a bite. Another way raccoons get people sick is by carrying pests like fleas and ticks onto properties. These smaller parasites can spread a wide range of diseases and are dangerous to both people and their pets. The final way raccoons cause problems is by making noise late at night. If you are a deep sleeper this might not be a problem for you, but you will still wake up to your trash cans and other items on your property being knocked over or moved. 

Does Trapping And Relocating Raccoons In Columbus Help?

If you are looking for a reliable way to control raccoons on your property, one of the best methods available is trapping and relocating. We do not recommend you try these things on your own, however. Raccoons will bite if they feel trapped or threatened. To avoid being bitten by a raccoon on your property, let the experts at Mandau’s Pest Solutions help you out. We offer comprehensive wildlife trapping and relocation services to help residents here in Central Ohio deal with raccoons on their properties. These services are custom designed to fit your needs and are available today.

Professional Wildlife Exclusion In Columbus

Getting raccoons off your property is only the first step. To make sure these pests and other wildlife threats stay away, you should put in place some raccoon prevention tips. Here are a few great strategies to try.

  • Clean up food that falls into your yard.

  • Avoid feeding your pets outdoors.

  • Address moisture issues around your property.

  • Keep up with your lawn and landscaping.

  • Clean up clutter and debris from your property.

Call our team at  Mandau’s Pest Solutions today to learn more about raccoons in Central Ohio or to schedule your property for a service visit.

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