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The Trick To Getting Rid Of Mice In Columbus Homes


The Trick To Getting Rid Of Mice In Columbus Homes

February 15, 2022 - Rodents

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House mice can prove pretty tricky to get rid of in Central Ohio homes. They're fast, sneaky, prolific, and elusive. Not only that, but they can become an immense nuisance very quickly, and even endanger your health and property if left unchecked. Thankfully, there are many well-documented means of dealing with these unruly rodents. If you need help getting rid of mice in your central Ohio home, or just want to guarantee you never have to concern yourself with them, read on for some essential information.

Identifying A Mouse Problem In Your Columbus Home

The first step on the road to treating any problem is identifying your pest problem, and a potential mouse infestation is no different. The main challenge in discerning whether or not a family of mice has moved in is overcoming their natural stealthiness. Although you're unlikely to see many actual mice unless you really go looking, there are still plenty of indirect signs of their presence for which you should remain alert. Keep a lookout for:

  • Gnaw marks

  • Fecal droppings

  • Oily rub marks on walls

  • Paw prints

  • Nests or burrows

  • Foul odors

If you notice any of these signs, or worse, actual rodents, you should take action immediately. Mice can cause significant structural damage to your home with their constant gnawing, and are extremely efficient vectors for a variety of diseases and parasites.

The Diseases Spread By Mice In Columbus

Rodents are not very clean creatures, to say the least. Mice will drag in all manner of diseases and parasites from the places they often traverse, as well as leave feces and urine all over your house. Here are just some of the diseases a mouse infestation will put you at risk of contracting:

  • Hantavirus

  • Salmonellosis

  • Listeria

  • Plague

That's THE plague, just in case you were wondering. The deadly bacteria is often carried by the fleas found on many mice. If you are currently dealing with a mouse problem, it's very important to clean up after them correctly and seek to remove them from your property as soon as possible. To clean up mouse droppings correctly, wear latex gloves and a suitable mask, use disinfectant and avoid kicking up any dust or debris, or you'll only succeed in spreading dangerous bacteria further.

Why Mouse Traps In Your Columbus Home Aren't Enough

Due to the dangers of a mouse infestation, it's very important to treat the problem in a timely and comprehensive manner. To many people, this means setting out a number of traps and using chemical pesticides. Of course, the do-it-yourself methods are bound to catch a couple of stragglers, but unfortunately will not make a dent in the overall mouse population. Oftentimes, traps precipitate a brutal cycle of temporary relief followed by swift reinfestation. This is because mice are extremely stealthy and prolific creatures, and if even a single pregnant mouse or fertile pair is left to roam the home, many more are soon to come. Traps can be a decent tool to keep a small population under relative control but are inconsistent and unlikely to permanently solve a real infestation.

How Professional Rodent Control In Columbus Works

At the end of the day, the best way to rid yourself of an unruly rodent population is by partnering with a professional. Reach out to Mandau's Pest Solutions and you'll have more than ten years of certified experience at your side. We begin with a thorough inspection of the premises for any pest activity, and once we identify the problem we waste no time in treating it, putting safeguards in place to prevent another pest from ever gaining entry again. We're ready when you are.

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Bret is incredible and his service is top notch. During the spring of 2020 we had a skunk infestation and he removed 12 skunks. He also solved our raccoon and squirrel issues. Our pest issues have been nil since hiring Bret!

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