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What Should I Do About Webs On My Columbus Property?


What Should I Do About Webs On My Columbus Property?

January 30, 2022 - Spiders

a spider hiding in the dark

Nobody likes finding a spider web (or the pest that created it) in their Central Ohio home, and for local residents, there are different kinds of spiders you may encounter, such as: 

  • Daddy long-legs: With small heads and bodies, a daddy-long-legs can have a leg span of up to four inches, but this species is harmless to humans. 

  • House spider: As their name suggests, house spiders are most commonly found in homes, and they’re usually identified by the white markings on their legs. 

  • Brown recluse: Brown recluse spiders are the only dangerous species on this list, and their venom is more potent than a rattlesnake’s. You can recognize them by the violin-shaped mark on their bodies. 

  • Wolf spider: Wolf spiders are large and hairy, and prefer to hunt their prey on foot if they can. 

Regardless of which type of spider is spinning webs in your home, these pests can still spell trouble for your Ohio home. Here’s what you should know about how each spider builds and uses its webs, how to prevent them, and what to do if you’re finding a lot of spider webs around your property.

How Do Spiders Use Their Webs? 

Each type of spider uses its web a little differently, and here’s how: 

  • Daddy long-legs: These spiders build loose, irregular-shaped webs in places where there’s a lot of humidity – like outhouses, barns, sheds, and crawl spaces. 

  • House spider: House spiders create tangled webs that easily entrap their prey and frequently build these webs in vegetation, under decks, or eaves. 

  • Brown recluse: These irregular-shaped webs tend to pop up in dark areas of the home or property, like under rock piles, woodpiles, cluttered storage areas, or closets. 

  • Wolf spider: Wolf spiders don’t build webs. Instead, they prefer to burrow underground. 

What Does It Mean If I’m Spotting Spider Webs In My Columbus Home?

If you’re spotting a lot of spiderwebs in your home or around your property, then you likely have a spider problem. Here’s what you can do to prevent spider infestations in your home: 

  • Sweep up or destroy spider webs as you notice them.

  • Properly store your food and trash to avoid attracting pest prey that spiders may follow inside.

  • Make sure you’re cleaning up after spills and crumbs. 

  • Seal up tiny gaps and holes in your foundation and walls. 

  • Declutter your home regularly and inspect storage areas for webs and spiders.

  • Inspect any yard debris or firewood for spiders before you bring these items inside.

How To Handle A Spider Infestation In Columbus

While the tips above can help you avoid future spider problems, there’s only one way to handle an existing spider infestation or problem around your Central Ohio property: with professional assistance from Mandau’s Pest Solutions. 

If you’re finding a lot of spider webs or spiders in your home, you shouldn’t wait for the problem to get worse – call us today at Mandau’s Pest Solutions for help identifying the spiders in your home or to schedule an inspection.

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