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Only a few miles east of Ohio's capital Columbus, Whitehall is a burgeoning city that simply cannot be put into a box. This diverse and eclectic area is growing faster than any other neighborhood near Columbus. Affectionately known as ‘Ram Country’ by local homeowners, Whitehall receives a fair amount of tourism during the summer season. Twenty percent of the population speak another language at home, and fifty percent identify with a minority race rarely seen in other parts of the United States. With a motto of “The City Of Pride,” no one could contest that property owners in White Hall are tickled pink to represent their favorite township. It is clear that Whitehall, Ohio is a bastion of diversity and change. Unfortunately, this also includes quite a lot of diversity concerning pest species, infestation activity, and dangerous local fauna. As the population of Whitehall grows, so does its pest species.

Rodents cause property damage by chewing through wires, walls, and pockets of insulation. Bed bugs cause painful itching and scratching that leads to secondary infections. Worse, flea and tick bites may spread serious illness that requires the consultation of a doctor. Nobody in Whitehall should ever have to face serious pest concerns alone, which is why Mandau's Pest Solutions make it easy to get and stay worry-free for the long term. By embracing cutting-edge technology and some of the world’s leading pest control techniques, we protect our Whitehall neighbors from pest problems big and small. Contact the team at Mandau's Pest Solutions for a free inspection of your property.

Home Pest Control In Whitehall, OH

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All residential property owners in Whitehall should secure some form of pest management. Not only do these plans help homeowners navigate the potentially serious effects of infestation, but they keep your friends, family members, and loved ones from the dangerous grip of pest concerns.

With every residential pest service on your property, we promise to deliver:

  • Free inspections and quotes that help guide your understanding of the process
  • Ongoing pest treatment consultations that inform you of your best options
  • Eco-friendly and pet-friendly spray treatments
  • Friendly, localized pest control opportunities
  • Actionable prevention advice for all residential clients

Get a residential plan with Mandau's Pest Solutions at a time convenient to you. Act now to get a free quote as soon as possible. 

Commercial Pest Control In Whitehall, OH

Does your Whitehall, OH business need commercial pest control? For hundreds of local business owners, the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’  

Since our company was established, Mandau's Pest Solutions has been a leading source of pest control for industries all over Ohio. From healthcare facilities to educational buildings, our knowledgeable experts make it easy to secure your organization against pests of all kinds.

Mandau's Pest Solutions simplifies the commercial pest control process by offering:

  • Ongoing pest control opportunities
  • Exclusion tactics and mitigation techniques
  • Customized planning options for all industries
  • Deep industry knowledge
  • Emergency and same day services for all clients

Make today your first step towards holistic pest control. Call Mandau's Pest Solutions to schedule an initial visit now!

Can I Keep Bed Bugs Out Of My Whitehall Business With Essential Oils?

If you've lived in Whitehall for any amount of time, you are probably all-too-familiar with the threat of bed bugs near your home. These animals are becoming more and more common in metro areas and may be difficult to control without professional techniques.

Many homeowners believe that using do-it-yourself ( DIY) techniques such as essential oils or protect their home from bed bugs. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. Although it is perfectly possible to treat some pests with home remedies, true infestations will need the work of a professional.  

Confirm the presence of bed bugs in your Whitehall home by submitting an online contact form to Mandau's Pest Solutions. We are looking forward to serving you with our best possible service!

The Secret To Keeping Fleas And Ticks Away From Your Whitehall Yard

Whether or not you own a pet, your Whitehall yard may be a haven for ticks and fleas of all kinds. Although there is no real way to prevent these insects from casing your lawn, there are some secrets you can try today to reduce their populations:

  • Treat your pets against ticks and fleas with topical ointments, flea collars, or oral medications.
  • Maintain your yard by trimming grass frequently, pruning bushes often, and dealing with excessive vegetation as often as possible.
  • Get ongoing flea and tick abatements from Mandau's Pest Solutions.

Protect your home against seasonal incursions of fleas and ticks. Still, want more of your questions answered? Ask for a home inspection to confirm your next steps in the pest elimination process. The team at Mandau's Pest Solutions is standing by to take your call at any time!

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