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Peace-seeking Columbus residents can have their cake and eat it too in the northernmost bedroom community of Westerville, Ohio. Only a few miles away from the bustling borders of the capital city, Westerville residents can enjoy the relaxing, tranquil neighborhoods of what was once the ‘dry capital of the world.’ Many people head to this relaxing town to get away from Columbus's biggest stressors -- although they will not be able to escape the rising amount of pest activity.

Now serving home and business owners all over the city, the professional team at Mandau’s Pest Solutions is ready to assist in active pest control measures in any place, at any time. Don’t leave your property up to chance this year. Get in touch with us now!

Home Pest Control In Westerville, OH

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It’s not always easy to keep your family safe, and when it comes to protecting your property from pests, you may be hard-pressed to do it all on your own. Eliminating entry points, keeping track of pest activity, and implementing proven treatment steps takes more than just a Google search.

Mandau’s Pest Solutions prides itself on being a favorite of Westerville, OH residents since the very beginning. We put our talents to use by partnering with you every step along the way and develop well-rounded residential pest control plans that make a difference. Ready to get started? Complete the online contact form to get in touch with us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Westerville, OH

You work hard every day to bring out the best in your business. You serve customers by creating affordable products and solutions for their needs. You train your employees to follow the highest possible standards in customer service. Finally, you uphold your business vision in every action you take. Unfortunately, pest infestations can throw an enormous wrench into your once solid strategy. Their ability to sabotage the health, wealth, and happiness of your consumers will dramatically lower your business’s reputation. If the situation fails to be rectified quickly, you may face local, state, or federal legislative action.

As a small business, Mandau’s Pest Solutions understands the many obstacles your business faces in day-to-day operations. That's why we strive to provide some of the highest quality and highest performing commercial pest control plans in the industry. By focusing on results-driven products, safe chemical treatments, and knowledgeable technicians, we prepare your business for any pest-related obstacle. Call our main office to learn more about our commercial pest control opportunities.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Westerville Businesses

Bed bugs have a reputation of being particularly destructive residential pests, but their activity in commercial properties is becoming more and more pronounced. By hitching rides on clothing, luggage, and backpacks, bed bugs can infect new hosts simply by being present. Westerville businesses that specifically deal in travel or overnight lodgings may be particularly at risk. Bed bugs tend to congregate in areas with a large number of people, including hotels, airport terminals, restaurants, and similar industries. If these businesses fail to have a strategic bed bug protection plan in place, they may be leaving themselves vulnerable to future attacks or infestations. It doesn't take much to understand the serious threats posed by bed bugs, ranging from legal to physical to financial implications.

Serious bed bug infestations call for serious treatment programs, and at Mandau's Pest Solutions, we have everything it takes to exterminate, evaluate, and eradicate bed bugs before they ever set foot on your property. We address bed bugs by:

  • Conducting thorough investigations of the business property.
  • Harnessing a combination of cultural and chemical controls to eliminate the problem.
  • Frequently returning to the property to reassess current risks and weaknesses.

Set your sights on the highest quality bed bug control plan possible. Call Mandau’s Pest Solutions for an estimate now.

Westerville Homeowner's Guide To Wood Destroying Pests

When we think about dangerous pests in Westerville, we tend to think about those that physically injure people and pets or those that are big or menacing. However, some of the most dangerous pests of all are those we fail to notice see, including wood-destroying pests. Not all pests that destroy wood can consume it. Insects like carpenter ants bore through the wood to make space for their colonies, but they do not eat it in the same way that termites do. Other pests like carpenter bees create small tunnels for their eggs and eventual larva, but they do not build massive colony systems. Smaller insects like powderpost beetles chew through wooden items along the grain, although they cause less damage than more organized pests.

Wood destroying pests need strong preventative measures and respond poorly to after-the-fact, do-it-yourself (DIY) controls. If pests around your property are beginning to become more active than normal, contact the professionals at Mandau’s Pest Solutions for the prevention, elimination, and treatment of wood-destroying pests.

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