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Pest and wildlife infestations are a huge headache for Columbus homeowners, and unfortunately, getting rid of the infestation doesn’t always bring an end to the problems caused by the intruders. Pests and wildlife often damage insulation when they get into your attic space. While this might not seem like a serious problem, it can be.

Damaged insulation can lead to all sorts of issues for your house. First, it won’t do its job properly, which will make your home uncomfortably cold or warm and increase your energy bills. Second, it can lead to respiratory health problems for your family if it is wet and becomes moldy or if dried fecal particles get into the air.

Replacing the damaged insulation with new insulation is important for the safety and health of your home. Along with our professional wildlife removal and exclusion services, Mandau’s Pest Solutions provides insulation replacement services. Discover additional Columbus, OH pest control programs and get started with a service plan for you!

Insulation Replacement From Mandau’s Pest Solutions

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When you hire Mandau’s Pest Solutions for insulation replacement, we’ll go into your attic to identify the insulation that is damaged and contaminated with animal refuse. We’ll remove these areas and dispose of them.

The next step in the insulation replacement process is to sanitize the areas where we removed the contaminated insulation. This step will protect the health of your family from dangerous contaminants left behind by pests.

Once we sanitize these areas, we’ll blow in new insulation. We price this service by the square foot. Depending on how large your attic is and how much damage there is, this service can take a couple of hours or be an all-day process. You are not required to leave your home during this service, but we want you to be aware that it can get dusty.

You Deserve A Healthy, Energy-Efficient Home

If you’ve had animals in your house that have damaged your insulation, it’s important to remove those damaged areas and replace them with new, clean insulation. Mandau’s Pest Solutions offers this service. As pest experts, we don’t simply replace the insulation but also sanitize the areas where pests caused problems. To learn more about our home pest control or commercial pest management options, contact us today.

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