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Home Pest Control In Columbus, OH

Defending Your Columbus, OH Home From Pests

Keeping your house in good condition takes a substantial amount of time and effort. It can seem like there's always a project to complete or a repair to make. Since protecting your investment and your family are your top priorities, when pests get into your Columbus home, you understand that getting them out must take precedence.

A pest infestation can cause damage to your house and threaten the health of the people inside. Mandau's Pest Solutions offers pest control services that do away with active pest infestations and prevent future ones. We have over ten years of experience solving residential pest problems in Columbus, OH.

Our Home Pest Control Solutions

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When you contact Mandau's Pest Solutions, we take the time to talk with you to find out your concerns and what you've seen in and around your house. We then inspect your home, starting with the areas of concern. Our visual inspection can take up to 45 minutes to complete as we inspect the interior and exterior, including the attic and crawl space for pest activity, damage, entry points, and more.

Once we've fully inspected your home and know what the immediate problems are, we'll move right into treating it. We'll knock down cobwebs around your house and apply insecticide dust to all areas, including cracks and crevices. We then perform a second liquid treatment on your home's interior and exterior and set out rodent traps if necessary. If your treatment occurs in the winter, we'll use a granular treatment that is absorbed into the ground and provides continuous protection.

Quarterly service visits are available if you'd like them. There is no contract; you can cancel at any time. We recommend these as they allow your home's pest protection to continue without gaps. They also offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our guaranteed service. If you should have an issue between scheduled services, we'll return to your home to re-treat it at no additional cost.

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We'll begin by discussing your concerns with you, then perform a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your house. Our inspection allows us to identify your active pest problems and the areas that need immediate attention.

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We provide two initial treatments to eliminate pest activity. The first includes a full dusting treatment and cobweb removal. The second treatment consists of a liquid application. In the winter, we apply a granular product.

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Quarterly follow-up visits are available to keep your home protected throughout the year. We will perform interior and exterior treatments as needed. Our services are guaranteed, so we'll also return between visits if an issue arises.

Our Specialty Pest Control Services

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Sometimes you need general pest control to keep Columbus's most common pest offenders out of your house. Other times a specific pest moves in, and you need services specifically designed to eliminate that pest. Mandau's Pest Solutions offers several pest-specific services.

Our pest-specific service options include the following:

Protect Your Columbus Home & Family With Complete Pest Solutions

Having pests in your house can be stressful and scary. While some pests are simply a nuisance, others are a real cause for concern. Protecting your family from the problems pests cause doesn't have to be difficult. Mandau's Pest Solutions provides guaranteed services to eliminate active pest infestations, and we offer recurring services, with no contracts, to keep your home pest-free. At the first signs of a pest infestation, contact Mandau's Pest Solutions.

Learn more about our pest exclusion, insulation services, and wildlife trapping options.

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Bret is incredible and his service is top notch. During the spring of 2020 we had a skunk infestation and he removed 12 skunks. He also solved our raccoon and squirrel issues. Our pest issues have been nil since hiring Bret!

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