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As the capital and largest town in the entire state of Ohio, the city of Columbus is a hustling, bustling metropolis that attracts some of the best people in the Midwest. At the corners of rivers Scioto and Olentangy, there are so many elements to this city that simply can't be missed. From the incredible food choices to the stately buildings of Downtown Columbus, there’s a lot of character packed into this city of nearly 900,000 residents.

A city this dense is bound to have people from all corners of the globe with different cultures, values, and beliefs. If you want a little mix of everything, Columbus OH is the perfect place for you. Unfortunately, Columbus also attracts a wide variety of vermin as well, none of them welcome guests in any home or business. Rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants are just a few of the most common backyard offenders for properties all over the city.

Dedicated to protecting the people and places of Columbus OH, the Mandau's Pest Solutions has been providing quality solutions to concerning pest problems for many years. Armed with knowledge, skill, and a whole lot of experience, we have what it takes to eliminate and control any pest problem. Contact the team at Mandau's Pest Solutions today to learn more about how we could best serve you.

Home Pest Control In Columbus, OH

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We all know that life happens, but chances are that you don’t have the time for unexpected infestations. Why wait for pests to start moving onto your property when you could make the first move today?

Mandau's Pest Solutions takes a three-pronged approach to residential pest control plans: inspection, treatment, and follow-up. We use both our skills and our products to keep pests at bay and ensure your home stays safe from pest activity no matter the time of year.

Here are just a few of the pests we treat in residential homes around Columbus: 

  • Rodents: Rats, mice, voles, and gophers are some of the most destructive pests in modern homes.  
  • Bed Bugs: Biting pests that cause several health issues, bed bugs are becoming a very serious problem for larger cities such as Columbus. 
  • Cockroaches: Causing all sorts of damage against people, pets, and their properties, cockroaches are dangerous in almost any environment.

Mandau's Pest Solutions can help protect you from harmful residential pests. Call us today to learn more about our home pest control solutions in Columbus, OH!

Commercial Pest Control In Columbus, OH

You’ve spent months, years, and even decades building up a business you can be proud of. After all the blood, sweat, and tears, nothing should be able to take that legacy away from you – except for pests. Commercial pests in Columbus are extremely dangerous to you, your customers, and your valued reputation. That’s why Mandau's Pest Solutions is passionate about protecting businesses all over the city with valuable, actionable commercial pest control plans in Columbus, OH.

Here are some of the ways we assist your company in becoming pest-free:

  • Inspections: We monitor your commercial property for any sign of pest activity and then come up with a customized plan to fit your unique needs.
  • Elimination: We remove all traces of a pest infestation from the property, whether or not it is currently in progress. 
  • Prevention: We establish prevention methods that keep pests from becoming a reoccurring problem.

Mandau's Pest Solutions is prepared to stand alongside our commercial business neighbors. Contact the Columbus, OH team to develop a business pest control plan now.One of the quickest ways to lose business is by allowing a customer to notice the signs of pest activity in and around your establishment, or worse yet, the pests leaving those signs behind! Your customers won't want to return to your business if it's infested with filthy cockroaches or rodents, and for good reason! Therefore, restaurants, hospitals, and other business here in West Salem must meet certain sanitary and safety requirements, and these requirements can’t be properly maintained with pests thrown into the mix.

At Katahdin Pest Control, we understand that it can be a rather daunting task running a successful business when everything is going as planned, let alone when pests invade! For this reason, Katahdin offers trusted and certified methods of pest control, removal, and exclusion to help keep your business running smoothly and your property pest-free!

To learn more about our commercial pest control services and the benefits they could have for your West Salem business, give us a call at (503) 864-6864!

Additional Services Offered By Mandau's Pest Solutions

In lieu of our home pest solutions and commercial pest management options, we offer the following specialized services to our Columbus home and business owners: 

Give us a call today with questions regarding these services or to schedule your free quote!

Which Rodents Are The Most Dangerous In Columbus, OH?

Rodents are an increasingly dangerous pest around the Columbus, OH, area due to the high volume of people nearby. There is truly no such thing as a harmless rodent, although some species may be more or less aggressive depending on their type. Here are a few below.

  • Rats: Sometimes over a foot in length, rats are large, aggressive, and dangerous rodents. 
  • Mice: Much smaller than rats with large, round ears. Mice are well-known for contaminating food sources in both homes and businesses. 
  • Wildlife: Voles, gophers, and squirrels are far less common building invaders, but these creatures may carry serious illnesses from place to place. 

With several years of hands-on experience, Mandau's Pest Solutions l is fully equipped to address any rodent infestation in Columbus, OH. Find a plan that’s right for you by calling today.

Here's How Columbus Homeowners Can Identify Bed Bugs

Not sure if bed bugs could be making your skin itch? Bed bugs find their way into your home by hitchhiking from areas where there are a lot of people. They frequent schools, hotels, public transportation, laundromats, theaters, and other areas where humans congregate. Despite your best effort to keep your home clean, you may still find yourself in the throws of an infestation.

You can identify their presence using the following steps: 

  • Brown or reddish spots on blankets, pillows, pajamas, or upholstery. 
  • A strange, sickly sweet smell with no particular origin. 
  • Piles of exoskeletons around bed bug hot spots. 

Mandau's Pest Solutions offers a full-service bed bug control plan to both residential and commercial customers. Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection!

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