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Stink Bugs In Columbus: They Can Be A Huge Problem!


Stink Bugs In Columbus: They Can Be A Huge Problem!

October 15, 2021 - Stink Bugs

stink bugs in a home

You have probably encountered stink bugs or at least heard of them at one time or another. You probably can assume what these insects are known for based on their name, but you may not know much else about them. The brown marmorated stink bug is an invasive species to the United States. Because of this, they are more than a little nuisance for residents of Central Ohio.

Brown marmorated stink bugs can be identified by:

  • 5/8 of an inch long

  • Shades of brown in a mottled pattern

  • Underside is white and can have grey or black markings

  • Lighter bands on their antennae

  • Brown legs with white banding

  • Dark bands on their front wings

  • A shield shape making them almost as wide as they are long

Although brown marmorated stink bugs are not common pests most people worry about, they are still important for Central Ohio residents to understand, including what problems they cause and how to prevent them.

Problems Cause By Stink Bugs

The most prominent problem brown marmorated stink bugs cause when they get inside a home or business is the odor they produce if crushed. This is why it’s important never to squash or smush this pest. And if they have been crushed, don’t vacuum them as it will cause the smell to become overwhelming.

Besides their odor, brown marmorated stink bugs cause significant problems for those that grow fruits, crops, and ornamental plants. These stink bugs feed on a wide variety of plants, making them unsellable. These plants include:

  • Ornamental plants

  • Fruits like apples, peaches, figs, citrus

  • Crops like corn, tomatoes, beans

Although brown marmorated stink bugs are not known to cause structural damage or spread diseases, they can still cause an allergic reaction and, if crushed and exposed to the skin, can cause dermatitis.

Another problem stink bugs cause is overwintering. Which is when they take up residency in a wall void or other sites like attics, basements, underneath the siding, and behind baseboards. Once they are in one of these locations, they release pheromones that will attract other stink bugs, invading large numbers. 

Overwintering is just one reason why you should think about keeping your property prevented against brown marmorated stink bugs.

Prevention For Stink Bugs

Prevention for brown marmorated stink bugs looks different for homeowners versus farmers and people who grow plants for profit. While commercial properties are better off receiving professional assistance right away, homeowners can implement several prevention tips on their own.

If you want to keep brown marmorated stink bugs out of your Central Ohio home, you should:

  • Caulk around windows and door frames

  • Use screens over windows, doors, and vents

  • Remove window A/C units before the weather starts to get cold.

  • Keep your gardens free of debris such as weeds

  • Keep lights dimmed or off and blinds closed at night

  • Allow natural predators such as spiders and birds around your garden

The best way to deal with any pest is with professional expertise.

Professional Stink Bug Control

If you are dealing with brown marmorated stink bugs on your Central Ohio property, you should contact Mandau’s Pest Solutions for more advice and assistance.

Our home pest control solutions consist of a full inspection to understand the pest invasion's extent. Then, based on the inspection findings and your needs, we will then implement the proper treatments to eliminate pest activity and prevent them from coming back. Last, we provide quarterly follow-up visits to keep your home safe-year round.

Please find out more about what Mandau’s Pest Solutions can do for you by giving us a call today!

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