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Nocturnal Visitors: Pack Rats In Columbus


Nocturnal Visitors: Pack Rats In Columbus

December 15, 2021 - Rodents

a rat in the dark

If there happens to be a less organized person in your life, you’ve probably heard the term ‘pack rat’ before. The phrase’s connotations usually invoke images of disorganized spaces, hoarding, and never getting rid of acquired items.

The ‘pack rat’ phrase is usually said in jest and not necessarily meant to be harmful. What you may not have known, however, is that the term ‘pack rat’ is based on a real-life rodent species living right here in Central Ohio. And unlike the phrase, real-life pack rats are very, very dangerous. Sometimes referred to as wood rats or trade rats, pack rats are nocturnal rodents common to this area of the United States. Like their close cousins, the roof rat and the Norway rat, wood rats are characterized by their blunt snouts, short whiskers, and long tails.

Below are just a few other characteristics of Central Ohio pack rats: 

  • Long tails that are covered by fur

  • Color patterns that include brown, grey, and tan

  • Large black eyes

  • Small ears 

One of the unique aspects of the pack rat includes their ability to build middens. These odd structures are built from mounds of leaves, sticks, and other materials, creating a place for rodents to live and breed comfortably. Some middens are extensive, several meters wide at their peak. According to scientists, pack rat middens can preserve items for several thousand years. The messy appearance of the midden, coupled with its ability to preserve items, is one of the ways pack rats got their name.

As you might imagine, several concerns follow the presence of a pack rat infestation. Like other rodents, pack rats can bite, chew, and gnaw their way through many environments, risking structural damage and electrical fires. In addition, their propensity for collecting things may lead them to gather ‘treasures’ throughout the home, from loose change to expensive jewelry. In either case, it is crucial to enact concrete rodent prevention steps long before they appear in the home. 

Keeping Pack Rats Out Of Your Columbus Home 

Central Ohio homes are no strangers to pack rat infestations. As the pests become more and more dependent on human activity, pack rats appear all over homes and businesses.

Below are some pack rat prevention tips for Central Ohio locals looking for a boost of security:

  • Store your trash and food waste inside lined plastic solid bins. Remove filled bags from the inside of your home at least once per week.

  • Particularly rancid garbage should be removed more frequently.

  • Reduce rodent access to water by unclogging drains and sealing leaky pipes.

  • Get ongoing protection from a professional team that cares, Mandau’s Pest Solutions. 

Actionable prevention is needed to stop rodents from getting inside your home. However, removing a previously established infestation always begins with Mandau’s Pest Solutions.

Achieve Total Rodent Control With Help From Mandau’s Pest Solutions

Since the very beginning, Mandau’s Pest Solutions has been a pioneer for innovations and change throughout the Central Ohio pest control industry. We could see that change was coming and recognized that pests like pack rats would quickly become a problem for home and business owners all over the area.

For total rodent control that cannot be beaten, contact the professionals at Mandau’s Pest Solutions. Your Central Ohio business, home, or specialized property will be safe with us – guaranteed! test

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