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Are These Bed Bugs In My Columbus Home?


Are These Bed Bugs In My Columbus Home?

March 02, 2022 - Bed Bugs

bed bug in a home

One of the many difficulties involved with fighting a bed bug infestation is simply identifying the pesky little pests. They can be incredibly elusive, able to sneak between the smallest spaces, and remain mostly dormant until night when it's time to feed. If you suspect you might have a bed bug problem in your central Ohio home, here's some information on these parasites to help you definitively identify the issue, as well as a handy guide on what to do next.

Is It Possible To See Bed Bugs In My Columbus Home?

Yes, but only if you know where to look. Bed bugs are tiny insects, flat and oval-shaped, with brown shells. Young bed bugs, called nymphs, look similar except smaller and pale white. After a blood meal, bed bugs will look bloated and take on a dark red color. Because these parasites are so very tiny, they can hide almost anywhere. If you can slip a credit card into a space, it can harbor bed bugs. However, being able to hide anywhere doesn't mean they won't congregate in particular favored spots. If bed bugs find their way into your home, they'll flock to places with easy access to food. Since they only feed on blood, this usually means places where people sleep, so they can feed easily on unaware victims.

Common Signs Of Bed Bugs In Columbus Homes

Unfortunately, knowing what bed bugs look like is only a small part of the puzzle. They are extremely elusive, and usually only come out of their hiding places at night when they can sense you're asleep. Due to this, you'll need to be aware of the less direct signs of their presence. Be on the lookout for:

  • Lines of itchy red welts along your arms, legs, and stomach

  • Bloodstains on your sheets

  • Dark, rusty red splotches on your mattress or furniture; these are bed bug feces stains

  • Tiny white sand or dust-like particles; these are bed bug eggs

  • Molted bed bug shells

  • An offensive odor around the home; bed bugs secrete a musty smell from their scent glands

Be sure to search as thoroughly as possible. If you see any of the above signs, it's important to act on them as soon as possible, or else the population could quickly spiral out of control.

How Long Will Bed Bugs Stick Around In A Columbus Home?

Essentially, for as long as you allow them. Not only will they remain a persistent presence if you do not take action, their population will only grow, often far past the point of their own sustainability and your sanity. Bed bugs are as prolific as they are elusive, so removing them can prove to be an extraordinarily stressful and time-consuming ordeal, especially if you're attempting to do so entirely by yourself. Thankfully, however, if you catch a burgeoning infestation early enough, there is a lot you can do to address the issue.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Columbus Home, Fast!

If a bed bug population is still small, you can potentially take care of it yourself through a combination of constant cleaning, vacuuming, determination, and luck. However, oftentimes a bed bug infestation grows well past the point of manageability before you even know it's there. That's why the key to successful treatment is to contact the professionals as soon as you notice any of the signs of bed bugs. Reach out to Mandau's Pest Solutions for comprehensive coverage and regain control of your home. Our licensed technicians utilize the most effective tools and methods to eliminate any trace of these insidious pests and prevent them from ever returning.test

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