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Is It Dangerous To Have Bees On My Columbus Property?


Is It Dangerous To Have Bees On My Columbus Property?

April 15, 2021 - Bees

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It is hard not to have mixed feelings about bees. On one hand, they are scary pests that sting people and cause pain. On the other hand, they are praised by scientists and are considered to be essential for the health of our planet. This leaves homeowners with a myriad of questions. Are bees dangerous? How do I keep them off my property? Is it legal to kill bees? But don't worry, we have your answers today. Here is everything you need to know about the bees buzzing around your Central Ohio property.

Are Bees Beneficial?

Bees are considered to be among the most beneficial creatures on the planet. Honey bees specifically are crucial to the overall health of our planet and ecosystem. Since 1989 populations of honey bees in the US have been on a gradual decline, reaching an all-time low in 2008, and only starting to recover in recent years. Even with this slight recovery, populations of these beneficial insects are in constant fluctuation and being closely watched.

Are Bees Dangerous?

Bees are considered to be mostly nuisance pests around properties. The only time they are more than a nuisance is when they feel threatened or trapped. In these situations, bees will attack, using their stinger to inject venom into a sometimes unsuspecting victim. This venom causes mild irritation around the affected area and a moderate amount of pain. If you are allergic to insect venom, these symptoms will be much more severe and require an EpiPen and or medical attention to avoid serious injury. 

One way to reduce symptoms of a honey bee sting is to allow your aggressor to unlodge their stinger. Despite popular opinion, honey bees do not always lose their stinger after stinging a human. If you are not currently in danger of being stung by other bees, your best course of action is to stay calm. This will allow the bee that stung you the time needed to wiggle, pull its barbed stinger free, and peacefully buzz away.

How Do I Keep bees Off My Property?

Bees are drawn to properties by many factors. The best way to deter these pests is by cleaning up thoroughly after outdoor gatherings, picking up fruit and berries that drop from trees, feeding your pets indoors, and knocking down nests that are smaller than a golfball. If you really don’t want these pests on your property, it also helps to remove flowers and budding plants from your yard and garden areas.

Is It Illegal To Kill Bees?

It is not illegal to kill a bee. It is, however, illegal to go onto an Apiary (Bee Yard) and kill bees that are being managed by human owners. As for the colonies of bees on your property, the law is a bit weird. If you tried to tackle the problem on your own, which we do not recommend, you will have no trouble with local law enforcement. Pest control companies, however, are required to follow certain procedures that save honey bees rather than eliminate them.

How Do Professionals Handle Bees?

How professionals handle bees all depends on what species need to be removed. At Mandau’s Pest Solutions, we know how to identify different species of bees and have the advanced equipment to properly handle them around area properties. If you suspect these pests are buzzing around your Central Ohio yard or garden, let one of our friendly service technicians come out and take a look.

Call us today to schedule your Central Ohio property for a service visit or to ask questions about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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